Bugatti, Maker of the World’s Fastest Production Car, Builds Luxury Yacht

​Meet the wild-child offspring of a collaboration between Bugatti, makers of the world’s fastest production car, and the world’s biggest motor yacht builder, Palmer Johnson Yachts.

Of the trio of models in the Niniette series – the nickname Ettore Bugatti gave to his daughter – the PJ63 is the middle child at 19 metres. With nothing but lightweight titanium and that striking navy blue carbon fibre in the hull to push around, the PJ63 will move at about 38 knots. There’s an upper deck area of 63 square metres, 43 square metres below and berths for four guests and crew for €3.25 million.

Bugatti has gone nautical before, when Ettore developed racing boats in the 1930s. There was a time when the company also flew. What price a Bugatti jet to complete the set?

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