Behind the scenes with Hong Kong set designers, Point Studio

If you’ve seen our ‘Butterfly Effect‘ fashion shoot, you’ve come across Point Studio’s work. Founded by PolyU alumni Gary Tam, Victor Wong and Ip Siu, Point Studio specialises in art direction and set design, and are known for their larger-than-life, experimental approach.

The collective’s refreshing aesthetics have caught the attention of leading producers, photographers and stylists in Hong Kong, counting Vans, New Balance, Puma, Samsung, Haagen-Daz, and Hong Kong Ballet among their portfolio of clients.

Photo: Emperor Entertainment

For Canto-pop singer Hins Cheung’s latest music video 俏郎君, Point Studio was commissioned to create a hyper-realistic car crash scene with short notice. The collective let us go behind the scenes to get an exclusive glimpse into how they created the close to real-life set from sourcing to shooting day prep.

1) After receiving a call from the director, we immediately went sourcing for second-hand cars. 

2) Our team then went to the designated public road to do a site check. We had to do this in the middle of the night to avoid cars passing through. 

3) Upon discussion with the director, we ended up choosing these two cars. 

4) To create a close to real-life car crash scene, we vandalised the cars with the construction workers’ help. After hours of testing, we ended with an effect that we collectively thought was still believable while the headlights were still working. 

5) We only broke the car mirrors once the vehicles were transported to the designated public road scene. 

6) Our mission is completed, and we sit silently while the scene is being filmed.

Watch the final video below:

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