Charlie Roberts’ “Sandworm” exhibition shows in Hong Kong

American artist Charlie Roberts is set to debut his first solo show in Hong Kong, dubbed the “Sandworm” exhibition. Brought to us by WOAW Gallery and Case Studyo, Roberts’ show was inspired by American science fiction novelist Frank Herbert’s Dune referencing the sandworm as “the gatekeeper to a highly prized magical drug.”

The drug is said to give whoever takes it, the ability “to predict the future and prolong life… The Sandworm goes on assault on the persistent treasure hunters. The treasure seeks knowing the dangers insist on their quest and in turn respond to the creature with different measures.” 

Roberts has crafted hand-carved wooden sculptures of a man with a full torso and bust close-up, finished with acrylic paint. The bronze statue sees a mushroom sporting sneakers that often appears in the works of Roberts’.

For those looking to check out the exhibit, it will run from 24 June to 19 July at WOAW Gallery. 

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