Aesop debuts ‘Dusk to Dawn’ by local artist Jaffa Lam

In celebration of Arts Month, Aesop debuts “Dusk to Dawn”, a chromatic installation made entirely from recycled umbrella fabric by renowned local artist, Jaffa Lam

Set within Aesop Gough Street until April 7, the never-before-seen piece invites viewers on a journey from the depths of dusk into the hopeful glow of dawn, symbolising the cyclic resilience, enduring spirit and quiet fortitude of the city’s unsung labour force.

Lam is a visionary artist known for her large-scale, site-specific works created from recycled materials, who engages with themes of heritage, current affairs, and society at large. Since 2009, through her public and community projects, Lam has been a pivotal figure in connecting the city’s past with its present, showcasing ordinary lives through extraordinary art.

Inspired by the sight of an anonymous cleaner carefully tending to the windows of Aesop’s store one early morning, Lam’s reflection on the fundamental representation of the city’s labour and identity ignited the concept of “Dusk to Dawn”. The artwork was developed in collaboration with the Hong Kong Women Workers’ Association as part of Lam’s ‘Micro Economy’ initiative, which aims to foster a sustainable urban ecosystem.

Embedded within the exhibition are the threads of Hong Kong’s history – a narrative of fortitude, transformation, and hope – inviting visitors and passersby on a silent journey of resilience and renewal.

To discover more thought-provoking destinations, visitors are encouraged to use the Aesop Art Guide (created in collaboration with Design Anthology) as a handy companion to Hong Kong’s local artists, art professionals and creative communities. You can find the guide at all Aesop shops.

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