5 of the most binge-worthy TV shows for the summer

The O.C premiered in 2003 and became a teenage cult

The TV universe revolves around its own seasons: fall is for the premiere and return of must-see and Emmy-worthy shows, spring is reserved for much-anticipated season and series finales and summer is mostly for lighter, funnier shows.

And yes, the idea of binge-watching during the summer might sound sad in some ways, but there is always time to indulge in some satisfying guilty pleasures on TV. We’ve selected five of the most binge-worthy TV shows to get into this summer:


Younger is the summer show par excellence. It might be very cliché and, in many ways, absurd, but it’s also undeniably addicting. The premise is also quite intriguing: a woman in her 40s pretends to be a millennial to find a job in publishing in NYC. Needless to say, a hot guy and countless lies drive the story.  

Jane the Virgin 

Jane the Virgin is one of the best comedies to come out in the past few years. It’s incredibly funny thanks to the use of telenevola tropes but also warm, with a strong message behind it. As the next season won’t come out until September – the last one ended with a major cliff-hanger – you’re just in time to catch up on the first four seasons.

The O.C.

Anyone who was a teenager in the 2000s was obsessed with the stories of Marissa Cooper & co. in Orange County and probably still screams to Phantom Planet’s California. The O.C has it all: love, tragedy, humour (thanks for existing, Seth Cohen), family feuds and drama – a lot of drama. So, if you haven’t re-watched it yet, there’s no better time than summer to do it.


Even though it’s extremely ironic in its depiction of a psychopathic serial killer, Dexter is not exactly a “light” watch. It’s set in Miami and features a great soundtrack that, regardless of the creepy episodes’ plots, has a contagious feel-good vibe. Because it’s quite long (eight seasons and almost 100 episodes) it deserves months of commitment a.k.a you can only start watching when your usual winter shows are on summer break.

Party of Five

Many people don’t remember or haven’t even heard of Party of Five, but it was actually one of the most defining shows of the 1990s. Take Parenthood and Dawson’s Creek and mix them together and you get an ideal binge-worthy and addictive drama: family struggles meet cliché 1990s TV moments and stories of semi-rebel teenagers.

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