100 Takes: Dan Hei’s photography captures all types of love

Photographer Dan Hei captures love in all its forms – friendships, families and romantic love

“I believe that photography has the power to record moments of love regardless of time and location, and hope that through my work people can relate to these precious and ephemeral moments. It also serves as a reminder that each and every one of us deserves to be loved. This collection of photographs captures all types of love – friendship, families and romantic love” – Dan Hei, photographer

Subjects in photos (in no particular order): Andy Lin and Alina Lee; Barret Bott and Keith Lee; Boris Wong and Stanley Tse; Ding Ding and Kikko Tai; Emi Wong and husband Chad; Jenn lam and Tyrese Au; Jessica Wong and Coby; Jonas Wong and Stanley Tse; Kayla Wong and Elaine Chen-Fernandez; Kolin Chiang and Carl Chiu; Jennifer Chiu and Ling Cheng; Dennis and Jennifer Chiu; Dennie and Ling Cheng; Makui and Chow; Nat Kwan and Kelvin Kwan; Phil Lam and Rikko Lee; Teresa Chan and Peter; Tsang Lon Tung and Angela Hui; and Vincy & Delta T

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