Run to the moon with Hong Kong’s F&B Run Club

Eating and drinking, and… exercise? What does the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry have anything to do with running? The answer is Hong Kong’s very own F&B Run Club. Founded by Roger Chan, Chairman of the food and beverage distribution group METAGROUP, the F&B Run Club aims to amplify wellness and mental health in the F&B industry by fundraising for local charities and “running to the moon.”

Photo: Courtesy of F&B Run Club

Whether you’re a restaurateur, bartender, journalist, or just a regular foodie, the F&B Run Club welcomes you to help contribute to its goal of collectively accumulating 384,400 km (the distance from Earth to the moon) between 1st April and 31st December 2021. “It doesn’t matter if you are a restaurant group owner or bartender or a waitress – everyone is on the same level field,” says Roger Chan.

Even if running isn’t your forte or if you’re simply just a nature lover, you can join in to walk or hike to get the kilometre in. And, as extra motivation, you can walk or run to join the competitions organised by the F&B Run Club and win hotel staycations, gym passes, F&B experiences, and more. 

Photo: Courtesy of F&B Run Club

The F&B Run Club can literally be a life and industry changer. “A healthy mind helps to make better decisions,” says Manuel Palacio, Co-founder, and CEO of Pirata Group. In addition, the funds raised will go towards InspiringHK Sports Foundation and Lifewire Foundation to help support F&B workers. 

“When you make this healthy daily life routine, your mind will also start to be motivated and remind you when you want to stop,” says Laura Prabowo, committee member of the F&B Run Club. “If more and more people in the industry get inspired with what we are doing in the F&B Run Club, I believe we will create a circle of positive vibe and healthy humans!” 

Photo: Courtesy of F&B Run Club

Join the F&B Run Club

Download the Strava app on your phone ( and request to join the group ( Once your request has been approved, you are already part of the club.

Then, look out for the F&B Run Club’s activity schedules on Strava or on their Instagram ( and official website ( Join now to beat the stress and “run to the moon”! 

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