Grana: Simplistic, durable wardrobe essentials for Work From Home

Fine wardrobe-essentials brand Grana presents its Silk pyjamas and the Supima collections to help us create our perfect Work From Home mood

Photo: Grana

Grana’s ethos of “quality for all” has long inspired their specialised collections in Mongolian cashmere, Chinese silk, American Supima cotton and Austrian Tencel.

As the city’s temperature drops and an indoors lifestyle remain for a foreseeable time, their silk pyjamas and durable Supima cotton collections may just be what keep us cosy and comfortable in our own homes.

The introduction of their Chinese silk and Supima cotton pieces couldn’t have come at a better time as people continue to adapt a work-from-home lifestyle. Whether it’s redesigning one’s home interior or choosing lasting, timeless wardrobe pieces at an honest price tag, the trend of sustainable consumption is here to stay. And Grana is signalling a new way of experiencing natural fabrics in everyday essential wear.

Silk Pyjamas collection

Crafted from 100 per cent satin silk, their Silk Pyjamas collection proudly introduces supremely soft-to-touch items. Including shirts, pants, camisole, dresses, and shorts, the collection is full of delicate, essential pieces to include in your nightwear collection.

Its soft texture and easy-to-wear colours of ash, violet, champagne, and noir are perfect for those who are working from home. Yet, the pieces are not only limited to leisure and indoor time. They can be paired with other garments for formal and outdoor occasions too for an elegant look.

Supima Terry Collection 

Garments made from the Supima cotton is said to be softer and made to last in comparison to their generic counterparts. It is often referred to as the “cashmere of cotton”. Whether lounging at home or making yourself presentable in a work zoom, the Supima Terry collection has a great selection for you to choose form.

Crafted from 100 per cent Supima terry cotton in long sleeves, these finest selections exude comforts while keeping you warm on days you do not want to fuss around. The collection includes sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, and joggers, which you can match on different occasions. As they are designed as comfortable lounge-style wear – without an overly casual feeling – you can also relish them during online meetings with important ones.

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