Do blue-light glasses really reduce digital eye strain?


Televisions, tablets, smartphones and monitors – studies show that 60% of people spend an average of more than six hours per day on their devices, and thanks to COVID-19, that number is only rising.

To counter the effects of blue-light exposure, including “digital eye strain” and “computer vision syndrome,” many eyewear companies have started offering blue-light-filtering lenses in their collections, along with some that exclusively offer blue-light-blocking glasses. The big question is: do they really work?


What is blue light?

Visible light contains all colours of the rainbow (from red to violet) and blue light is just one of them. We actually get lots of blue light from the sun, but the problem is our exposure to it after dark from artificial sources.

Blue light also has the highest energy of all visible light, with shorter wavelengths (380nm–500nm), meaning it emits higher energy than other light rays. On the positive side, this can help us stay alert and upbeat, but when you’re lying in bed at night trying to catch some zzz’s, that energy might not be helpful.

While experts are still researching the long-term effects of blue light, there’s no doubt that too much screen time can cause eye strain, reduced concentration, fatigue and blurred vision. One (potential) solution? Blue-light glasses.
Influencer @annaturanova tries the Black Noir Dalston glasses by Barner

How do blue-light glasses work?

Blue-light glasses use filters in their lenses to absorb or block out blue light, and can be worn while looking at a screen to reduce your exposure. Luckily, they’ve come a long way since they first entered the market with the giant BluBlockers of the 1980s, followed by the awful plastic frames and near-opaque orange lenses of the ’90s. But do they really work?

Based on user reviews, many reported less eye strain after a long day of work, while others experienced better sleep. Placebo effect or not, if you’re someone who spends a lot of hours every day staring at a screen, you might just want to try them on for yourself. At the very least, you’ll have a brand-new fashion accessory to look smart.

Ready to spec up? Here are a few places to get blue-light glasses in Hong Kong:

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JINS Screen

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