La Prairie: Launching new brightening trend and limited-time e-shop

La Prairie has unveiled their latest White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire to achieve that healthy, glowing skin. The science behind the skincare brand’s latest product aims to not only whiten the skin but to brighten it from within 

White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire. Photo: La Prairie

Sounding in a new trend for brightening skin and with an exclusive e-shop launched, La Prairie’s full White Caviar collection brings upon a whitening ritual that makes your skin glow from the inside out. The e-shop includes products from two iconic collections: Skin Caviar Collection and White Caviar Collection.

The White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire is inspired by the pure light unique to Montreux, a town situated between Lake Geneva (or commonly known among locals as Lac Léman) and the Alps. La Prairie harnesses the power of artists in trying to capture their subjects in that very luminescence and infuses it in this latest White Caviar product. 

This unique illumination inherent to La Prairie’s place of origin is a ballad of light upon water. From pristine ice water filtering through the highest Swiss peaks, while it infuses with rich minerals that then trickles and diffuses into the lake below. This natural, fluid encounter in which light and water meets is unique to Switzerland. 

In 2019, the La Prairie scientists established the “Equation of Light”. Which shows that light – or skin luminosity – is a function of colour and reflection. In order to recreate this magic, they sought out new paths to luminosity. They looked at how water might impact the reflection of light from the skin. 

The White Caviar collection for luminescent and glowing skin. Photo: La Prairie

The formula of White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire addresses the reflection element of the Equation of Light in three ways. Firstly by increasing skin hydration; secondly by including collagen-supporting ingredients to plump up the skin for a firmer look; and thirdly allowing the essence to gently exfoliate for that smooth, light-reflecting finish. At the same time, the essence also addresses the colour aspect of the equation by delivering a most potent illuminating molecule: lumidose – encapsulated for the first time. 

Furthermore, the essence also contains Swiss caviar ingredients such as the Swiss Golden Caviar Extract, a signature ingredient to the White Caviar collection. Swiss Golden Caviar Water is used as the foundation of the formula. 

To celebrate this new trend La Prairie has commissioned Taiwanese dance, new media artist and choreographer, Wen-Chi Su to bring to life the light-meets-water encounter in a poetic, feminine artistic dance performance. An aesthetic and physical expression of the unique encounter between light and water, Wen-Chi Su’s piece is a metaphor for its glimmering luminosity. A celebration of marriage between contemporary art and science. Su’s performance with La Prairie was presented during Art Basel Miami Beach 2021.

Purchase now at La Prairie’s e-shop for exclusive privileges: a complimentary product discovery kit that includes iconic products from La Prairie for perfect lifting and luminosity for your skin.

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