Hong Kong’s top balayage artists on summer’s hottest hair trends

A good haircut can change your whole outlook on the day. The right style is a boost to confidence and a balayage never fails to disappoint. 

With the power that a haircut holds, finding the right stylist to hand-paint your highlights is more important than ever. Normally that means a whole lot of research, recommendations, and trust on your part. But now, you can sit back and relax, because we’ve picked out the best colourists at the most stylish salons across the city just in time for the perfect summer shade. 

Oliver Tse

If you are looking for a colourist who knows his stuff, Oliver Tse is your guy. Founder of Hair Duo HK, he is known for miraculous hair transformation and extensive hair education videos. 

Using a specialised technique called “foilayage,” Oliver mixes hand painting and foil work to create impeccable natural ombres. Beyond just expert colouring, he also pays close attention to the shapes and details of different hair styles. 

“Tiered hairstyle cuts are popular in the summer of 2021, with curtain bangs. In the past, the focus was on thin and dense lines, but this summer will have a softer or Chunky effect… In terms of color, [you] can choose honey blonde sun kissed balayage color if you have bronze skin, if [you] have white skin, [you] can choose the beige tone colour.” –Oliver Tse

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Wayne Li 

Founder of Princess Y Salon, Wayne Li has gained a reputation as a balayage expert. With more than ten years of experience in the industry, Wayne offers a talented eye to hair dyeing few other stylists have.  

You may have trouble deciding between a variable rainbow of options, because every colour he does looks amazing. Ash-blonde, rose purple, or the new hottest summer balayage, it will certainly be hard to choose. 

“Whether you are an Asian or a foreigner, I think this summer is the most suitable color for balayage beige blonde. Not only is it easy to match you skin color, and also able to keep the image of European and American style!” –Wayne Li

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Kayo Tang

Anything from warm golden highlights or a vibrant shade of flame red, Kayo Tang can make it happen. Based at Princess Y Salon with Wayne, Kayo specialises in European and American hairstyles for Hong Kong clientele, creating bold and seamless balayage transitions that move with the natural flow of hair. 

And, bonus: as a brand ambassador for K18, you can be sure that the products he uses will be first-grade so you get the colour you want without sacrificing your hair’s health. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at how shiny his clients’ hair is.

In recent weeks, Kayo has posted many beige-blonde projects on his social media, but he thinks that for summer “the best color is tan gold, ice gold.”  

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Kirsty Ward Robinson

From a young age, Kirsty Ward Robinson was interested in colouring. And now, after 11 years in the industry, that passion has carved out a space for her as one of Hong Kong’s resident colour specialists at Love Hair

As master stylist at Love Hair, Kirsty has gained a cult following of loyal customers. It is no surprise that people keep coming back to entrust their hair visions to Kirsty’s skill and excitement. 

“I see the bold blonde bombshell coming through to give everyone that bit of sass that they are needing to lift spirits and gain that self confidence back after a very harsh year. Anything from a subtle pop of blonde to the brightest clean blonde look! It’s definitely the way to brighten up our summer! Summer styling is all about them beach waves as we start to head back to the beaches for the summer glow!” –Kirsty Ward Robinson

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Lucas Chan 

Rounding out the power trio at Princess Y Salon is the shop’s creative director, Lucas Chan. Though, it doesn’t take long to see that he certainly holds his own beside formidable partners. 

After looking at peek-a-boo purples and ice gold balayage, you begin to understand why Lucas labels his work “art.” The stylist considers hair a sketchpad, painting masterpieces atop clients’ heads. Focusing on European and American balayage, Lucas creates natural-looking hairstyles fit for a gallery. 

On his Instagram, Lucas recommends, “the best background color for Asians is natural hair” and also notes, “Guests have recently started to love beige gold, light color with a little warmth.”

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