Dior Beauty: Return of age-reversing Dior Prestige series with Le Nectar Premier

As a pioneer in the field of skincare age reversal, Dior spent the past two decades establishing and perfecting its expertise in the Rose de Granville and skin formulations. With a new range in the Dior Prestige line, the global brand is making a powerful return to its roots

In 2022, Dior showed that reverse ageing in the biological age of organisms was possible by returning them to a younger structural and functional state. This year, the brand which is already a pioneer in the reversal of ageing has identified for the first time the source of the ageing of the skin: the “age-signal”, the real intercellular ageing pathway.

The age-signal is a network of 152 harmful molecules that communicate the ageing message to surrounding cells – thoroughly affecting and amplifying issues in the three dimensions of skin ageing: skin structure, texture and colour.

This discovery of the prime origin of ageing as well as its pathway by Dior’s researchers were fundamental discoveries that were the subject of a thesis in partnership with Sorbonne University. A subsequent article was published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

Dior science has identified a universal and silent age trigger: glyoxal. This stress factor is present not only in the skin but also in the environment.

Glyoxal is said to be at the origin of a key ageing mechanism: cellular senescence. A senescent cell loses its capacity for optimum functioning and proliferation, according to Dior. The accumulation of senescent cells at the heart of the skin, they hinder its proper functioning.

To target the problem at its source, Dior returned to the source of the Rose de Granville in which the buds of its earliest rose – the Roses Premières – packs an incredible punch when it comes to infusing vitality and twice the amount of regeneration.

Dior Prestige Le Nectar Premier is the first serum proven to reverse three visible dimensions of ageing: loss of structure, texture changes and loss of evenness.

Derived from the abovementioned rose buds, a rare and precious extract was compiled: the Rosapeptide Premier. This newly patented complex (rich in 99 molecules from the Rose de Granville). By combining the original rosapeptide with the rosebud cryo extract, the formula resulted in a unifying and regenerative peptide that helps reduce sallow complexions and loss of skin suppleness.

All of these are compacted into Le Nectar Premier serum for restructuring skin from deep within. According to Dior science (after one month of use), the effects of the previous nine years on structural face wrinkles seemed erased. The skin texture becomes stronger and smoother with years of expression fine lines seemingly erased, and skin evened out while a reduction in redness is witnessed.

Le Nectar Premier joins the Dior Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose and Crème Haute Réparation as the powerful three-step Dior routine.

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