Chanel: Radiate positivity with new Nº1 de Chanel red camellia skincare

Olympic gold medallist swimmer Siobhán Bernadette Haughey spreads happy vibes in her recent Instagram activities, boasting about Chanel Nº1’s feel-good factor

Hong Kong is adapting to a more stay-at-home lifestyle as increasingly more people are working from home, shying away from large group gatherings and the limitations on international travel. In an Instagram post, Haughey demonstrates with Chanel’s new Camellia skincare collection on how she keeps the positive vibes going.

“With what’s happening in Hong Kong, and in the world, it’s seemingly harder and harder to find a glimpse of hope in every day life,” she writes. Having taken some time off to find her balance again – as with so many these days who are overwhelmed with the change in pace and lifestyle – Haughey acknowledges that “not every day is a good day”.

“But there can be something good every day,” she surmises in her posts. “Over the years I figured out a few ways to boost my mood when I’m not feeling my best. You don’t need to do anything big or life-changing. As you can tell, some of mine are pretty silly, but they work for me.”

Things she does to keep the happy vibes going? She suggests exercises from stretching to fun workouts, eat healthily, laugh a lot, unleash your inner child, and enjoy the sun. All the while elevating her mood with an easy yet powerful skincare routine à la Chanel, their N°1 red Camellia collection.

More specifically, Haughey refers to the N°1 De Chanel as more than just a beauty line. Chanel harnesses the revitalising power of red camellia extract for Nº1 de Chanel, a new generation of innovative, sustainable and high-performance formulas comprising skincare, make-up and a fragrance mist. This skincare range offers an innovative, global and sustainable approach to beauty, including a complete skincare collection as well as a foundation, lip and cheek balm, and refreshing fragrance mist.

Its key ingredient is a red camellia flower extract from ‘The Czar’ variety of Camellia japonica, a highly delicate and odourless flower that can withstand water and cold thanks to a concentration of protocatechuic acid at the heart of its petals. This powerful molecule helps to protect and support skin vitality, thereby enabling skin to remain healthy looking for a longer period of time. As such, the resilience and energy offered by the extract of red camellia are often used as first steps in addressing anti-aging. And it is the Nº1 that is favoured by Haughey.

Haughey ‘s pick N1 de Chanel Red Camellia Revitalising Serum as her skincare essential, formulated with 95 per cent naturally derived ingredients and 76 per cent red camellia extract in a transparent gel texture that is immediately absorbed by the epidermis. With continued use, the serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores, improves skin elasticity and restores a radiant-looking complexion. 

“It’s about energy and revitalisation, and I’m trying to bring these positive elements to my life each day.” In turn she poses the question, “Now that most of us in HK are still staying at home, what can you do to feel good and radiate positivity?”

Explore this new generation of beauty at Chanel.

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