8 hydrating facial mists for the summer

Drench your skin with an instant dose of hydration with our selection of soothing facial mists. Whether you’re adding moisture before the next steps of your skincare regime or need a refresher in the middle of the day, a few spritzes can keep you cool on hot summer days.

Dr. Jart+ – Cicapair Tiger Grass Calming Mist

Photo: Dr. Jart+

Made up of four different probiotic ferments that play key roles in maintaining normal skin, this complex mimics the optimal, natural state your skin needs to be in. The Asian herbal ingredients of tiger grass, ilex cornuta and houttuynia shields skin from environmental aggressors while working harmoniously to decrease visible signs of irritation.

Available on lookfantastic.com

Kiehl’s – Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist

Photo: Kiehl’s

This facial mist is formulated with cactus flower to keep skin hydrated and Tibetan ginseng to boost skin-cell respiration, which helps skin maintain its dewy state.

Available on sephora.com

True Botanicals – Nutrient Mist

Photo: True Botanicals

Antioxidants and algae extract help to protect and defend skin from environmental aggressors while the addition of kombucha helps restore skin’s pH, setting a healthy base for other skincare products to work more effectively.

Available on truebotanicals.com

Eve Lom – Radiance Face Mist

Photo: Eve Lom

Consider this mist from Eve Lom your quick-fix for dull complexions, which gives skin an instant glow. Packed with potent ingredients to deliver an immediate increase in skin moisture by 80% after one application, it claims to help your skin retain its suppleness up to 48 hours.

Available on Net-a-Porter

Lilah B. – Aglow Face Mist

Photo: Lilah B.

This facial mist is a mineral water formula enriched with beneficial botanical plant extracts of knot grass, fig, dandelion and brown algae to rebalance, soothe, moisturise and detoxify your complexion. The overarching scent of lavender essential oils brings a therapeutic element perfect for after exercise or on a plane.

Available on Net-a-Porter

Omorovicza – Queen of Hungary Mist

Photo: Omorovicza

This facial mist from Omorovicza is enriched with orange blossom, rose, and sage waters to purify your complexion. Going on a long-haul flight? Apply it on a reusable cotton pad and dab it onto the skin for the minerals to soak deep into the epidermis.

Available on Net-a-Porter

Rituals – Urban Hydrating Mist

Photo: Rituals

A single spritz of Rituals’ hydrating mist can transport your mind to a luxurious spa environment. It contains naturally hydrating Indian rose and holy lotus for their soothing properties, which is suitable for all skin types. What’s more – the sugars in rose petals significantly benefit those with sensitive skin.

Available on rituals.com

Ilapothecary – Digital Facial Mist

Photo: Ilapothecary

This concoction is perfect for refreshing and rebooting your complexion and mind after long hours of screen time. Handmade in a barn in southwest England, it’s formulated with vitamin B12 that soothes, balances and regulates the skin. Active soya bean extract contains rich components that reap skin benefits, such as collagen stimulation.

Available on Net-a-Porter

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