6 detoxifying powder clay masks for recharged skin

Did you know? Not all clay masks are created equal. Clay masks that come in powder form have the upper hand against clay and cream formulas. Made with dry components, the powder consistency does not rely on preservatives and fillers to stay fresh, and its longer shelf life prevents active ingredients from underperforming as they are triggered only when liquid is added to the solution. Below are six powder clay masks that help target different skin needs:

Terra Beauty Bars – Rose clay dry mask

Photo: Terra Beauty Bars

Expect purified skin with this formula’s rose clay and white kaolin clay, while the addition of coconut milk bonds the components harmoniously to create a calming solution that is suited for all skin types, including sensitive and oily skin. Luxurious microfine roses leave a hint of botanical freshness while gently exfoliating skin with each use. 

Available on ulta.com

Palermo Body – Sea clay and spirulina detox facial mask

Photo: Palermo Body

A product that looks to the shores for inspiration, this clarifying powder clay mask combines French sea and bentonite clays with activated charcoal and aquatic botanicals to clear your skin over time. The pairing of spirulina and kelp along with alfalfa and burdock root speeds up the healing process while cleansing and nourishing. 

Available on palermobody.com

Athar’a Pure – Moroccan glow detoxifying face mask

Photo: Athar’s Pure

Considered one of the rarest clays, Moroccan lava clay is loaded with anti-ageing and skin soothing nutrients. To add to its luxuriousness, the hibiscus in the mask retains potent antioxidants that support your body’s natural collagen production and eases inflammation.

Available on verishop.com

LUA Skincare – Superfruits powdered face mask

Photo: LUA Skincare

Besides eating fruits for their nutrients, why not try packing superfoods of banana, mango, pineapple and papaya onto your face? The combo pair with the base of kaolin clay helps to brighten and tighten your face without the extra additives found in other forms of masks. 

Available on mothernaturesbestmarket.com

Harvest Garden – French green clay, matcha and aloe facial masque

Photo: Harvest Garden

If the sound of French green clay does not sound fancy enough, then the cleansing, clarifying and purifying properties will convince you so. Olive green clay is the strongest of all clays and is especially beneficial for acne-prone and oily skin. The product also contains matcha green tea and aloe vera extract to detoxify and even out your complexion. 

Available on harvestgarden.com.au

Now Foods – Mediterranean red clay powder

Photo: Now Foods

There’s more to clay than just clay. Red clay, for example, contains high content of iron compounds and rich mineral salts that keeps skin more toned. To avoid dryness, mix one tablespoon of the powder solution with equal parts of water and one to two teaspoons of honey for a nourishing effect. 

Available on iherb.com

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