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Celebrities get Caricatured by Hong Kong Artist Yuen Tai-yung

Oct 05, 2017

Bruce Lee needs little introduction

Nicknamed the “Godfather of Hong Kong Movie Posters”, Yuen Tai-yung will be partnering with the Avenue of Stars to unveil twenty-four caricatures of famous movie stars and singers during his six-month long “Glitter, Glitz, and Glamour” exhibition.

Some of the most iconic international and local celebrities will be featured, including Bruce Lee, Angelina Jolie, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, and Steve McQueen. These caricatures are unique interpretations based on Yuen’s personal impressions and encounters with said celebrities. “Each of these creations are deeply meaningful and hold a special place in my heart,” Yuen said. “It has been a true honour to caricaturise the great names of both Hong Kong and Hollywood cinema.”

Yuen admires Angelina Jolie for her trendsetting, fearless and loving attitude

The exhibition showcases more than just one man’s own interpretation of cinema, it is also an artistic representation of Hong Kong’s golden era of cinema. Starting from September 30th until March 2018, the exhibition will be on display at the Garden of Stars.

Garden of Stars, Salisbury Road, East Tsim Sha Tsui, avenueofstars.com.hk

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