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​When I Grow Up: An Ode To The Fathers

Jun 16, 2017

Hanaé Chen Mandonnaud, daughter of Thierry Mandonnaud Coat by Burberry, other wardrobe, Hanaé’s own

Fathers have a special relationship with their sons and daughters, completely distinct from that of their mothers. They are mentors, idols, protectors and a pillar for their child to depend on. A dream would be for these little men and women to grow into their daddy’s shoes one day, so we asked Theirry Mandonnaud, Federico Tan, Malcolm Wood, and Nicholas Ho to join us and imagine what that might look like. Happy Father’s day, dads everywhere!

Creative Direction / Kieran Ho
Photography / Karl Lam
Hair / Jean T from A Ten Studio
Make-up / Chi Chi Li

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