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We ask the Victoria's Secret Angels about skincare secrets, jet lag and China

Dec 05, 2017

This year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show made a splash in Shanghai, marking the first time the lingerie company has staged its yearly extravaganza in Asia. China has been a target market for the brand for a long time, and the fashion show was the culmination of years of hard work, and road-blocks for the American company. Bringing hundreds of crew members and models into a country with notoriously strict visa rules was no easy feat,  but over 700 people made it over for the event, though Gigi Hadid was noticeably absent. 

Coming to China was a first for many of the models, who are experts at navigating runways across the United States and Europe. But Shanghai is, well - much farther away! And since the show is all about looking amazing, we went backstage to speak with some of the models about dealing with jet lag, skincare during long-haul flights, and how they like China.

Martha Hunt stuns in her wings

Martha Hunt: 

On Jetlag:

"So far it’s working in my favour because I’ve become very tired early. But every morning I’ve woken up at 4am on the dot!"

On Skincare:

"My skin has been acting a little crazy lately! But I've had two facials which should help. On the plane, I love a good serum and I love the Earth Tu Face balm which is very hydrating. I tend to be on the dry side and flying is the worst."

On China:

"This is my second time in China, I came a few years back for another show. I’m loving it this time though! It’s been incredible, the fans are so adorable. They brought me a red panda, I was touched!"

Elsa Hosk dons a colorful outfit for the show

Elsa Hosk:

On Jetlag:

"It’s been interesting! I’ve been trying to fight it and then you get so tired you don’t notice it anymore."

On skincare:

"I’ve been trying to hydrate, use a lot of masks, drink a lot of water…"

On China:

"It’s my first time in China! I’m such a huge fan, I love Asia, and I’ve been to Japan a few times - stayed there for like a month or two. It’s been an amazing experience so far, it’s only been a few days but I want to stay longer! I really thought Shanghai would be busier, but it’s a lot quieter than I thought it would be."

Cindy Bruna in a geometric design

Cindy Bruna:

On Jetlag:

"The Jetlag isn’t that bad, but it is a little brutal because it’s a long flight from New York. It was bad the first day, but last night I was so dead I slept for eight hours!"

On Skincare:

"My skin is doing ok, I have my beauty routine so i’m trying to keep it up. I got a facial which helped a lot."

On China:

"It’s my second time in China, But it’s different this time with Victoria's Secret. I think the most incredible thing is the fans here! This time we can really interact with people and they’re awesome! The fans are outside of the hotel and venue, and it’s a lot of good energy. It’s overwhelming but awesome. So many good vibes."

Alanna Arrington in Victoria's Secret's Pink collection

Alanna Arrington:

On Jetlag:

"The jetlag is not that bad. I’m running on adrenaline, so it’s not bothering me at all! But I had an excited sleep last night, waking up every hour being like, "Oh my god! It’s time!" Then it’s like still 2am." 

On Skincare:

"I do sheet masks, those save my life. Even eye masks and lip masks! But you don’t realize how dull your skin can get after being on a plane for so long or not getting enough sleep here and there. That’s my quick savior!"

On China:

"I love China but I have yet to see more of it! Everybody here is amazing, the city is so colorful and futuristic, especially the architecture.

This year's annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show features the most Chinese models ever casted, making it a very special homecoming for eight of the angels, including Ming Xi and Liu Wen. We spoke to Estelle Chen and Sui He about what it meant to walk the Victoria's Secret runway at home.

Sui He is one of China's most recognisable top models

Sui He:

"I’m so excited to be in China, it’s our first time in Asia! And it’s China! My hometown is very close to here, and my parents are coming to watch my show. It’s their first time actually. I have been a model for ten years, and this is their first time watching me walk a runway.  Before, I always said if they come it’ll make me nervous. But this time is so special, it’s the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and it might be the only time! They feel so touched and proud of me."

Newcomer Estelle Chen is born and raised in Paris but returns to China every year

Estelle Chen:

"It's my first time walking the show, so I'm very nervous. I come back to China every year to see my family. I’m originally from Paris but I'm really happy because my mom and grandma are here. My grandma flew in from her hometown to see the show."

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