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Tommy Hilfiger releases 90s-inspired collection

Oct 16, 2017

Credit: Tommy Hilfiger Jeans

It’s no secret, the 90s are having a moment. Walk into any clothing store, high-end or not, and you’re going to get hit with an onslaught of 90s style in all the latest collections. So it comes as no surprise that Tommy Hilfiger — aka King of the 90s — is getting in on the nostalgia with his latest drop.

With Tommy Jeans, just dropped, Hilfiger brings back the classics: flag logo tees, hoodies, crewnecks, and underwear, all with his signature red, white, and blue colour combination. If it weren’t for Lucky Blue Smith and Hailey Baldwin modelling, the images from the capsule collection could have come straight from 1994. There’s even a selection of accessories, and we are here for those backpacks.

The Tommy Jeans collection will be available at select retailers and online in the upcoming weeks.

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