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Tae Yang Comes to Hong Kong for Fendi Extravaganza

Aug 04, 2017

What: A Three Part Fendi Extravaganza, including a new capsule collection, a boutique re-opening, and the launch of F is For...
When: July 27, 2017
Where: The Landmark, Hong Kong and Cosco Tower

Fendi had quite the day last week, with three events all happening within 24 hours. First and foremost, Korean pop sensation Tae Yang came through town to launch his “Fendi for Young Bae” capsule collection, only available in the Asia Pacific region. He also helped re-open the men’s boutique at Landmark, which was then celebrated with the Hong Kong premiere of the exclusive “F Is For…” cocktail party. Fashionistas, celebrities and industry insiders like Tae Yang, Kathy Chow, Jessica C, Derek Tsang, Anina Ho, Elly Lam, Feiping Chang, Deborah Hung and Hilary Fan were all in attendance, partying the night away and dancing in the video booth. Inspired by the Eternal City, the event blended the digital and physical words to create a “New Rome” in Hong Kong, complete with the aches of Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana - an homage to the Italian maison’s heritage. There were live performances by Choice 37, DJ R.Tee, DJ Cawlr, rapper Okasian, Bryan Chase from Korea, and more.

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