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Socks and heels is the style of the season

Nov 02, 2017

Socks and heels is the hottest trend to hit the runway

Shoe hoarders, rejoice! There is a more economical and space-saving way of giving your footwear a face lift: socks. Inspired by the runway styles of Spring Summer 2018, familiar looking shoes are given a pop of fun with sock pairings. Strappy heels with thick wool socks at Burberry, pointy pumps with sheer patterned socks at Fendi, and kitten heels with ski socks at Prada. The best part is, the footwear-sock combination doesn’t even need to be coordinated because others will just think your style choices are “eccentric” and “artistic”. If you're not convinced yet, think about all the heel-related problems that can be invited with socks. Here are our top ten. 

Burberry does it

Snug shoes

Socks make loose shoes fit better. Fact. That oh-so-slightly too big pair of pumps you bought from the sample sale, will finally fit with a thick pair of socks. 

No pedicure? 

No problem, with a pair of thick knit knee-highs.  

Fendi rocks the socks & heels trend

Winter is coming 

Keep those piggies warm with cosy and bright socks!

Smelly shoes, begone!  

Socks absorb foot sweat, which is great because nothing ruins an outfit like a pair of smelly heels (ew). 

Do as Prada does, and make a statement in knee-high socks

Stretch your summer heels 

You don't need to throw that pair of sling-backs out, just pair them with socks and voila! An instant transformation into this season's hottest shoes 

Pain-free fashion

Everyone has that pair of heels. The ones that are so beautiful, but so painful. Now you can finally wear them all night long with a cushioning pair of knits 

The brighter the socks, the better - MSGM knows that


New socks (even designer ones) cost much less than new shoes, but they still give your feet a stylistic overhaul. 

Options galore 

There is a huge range of designer socks on the market now, from crystallised to sequinned, and even quilted

Follow Gucci's rule: fashion is fun, don't be afraid to stand out.

Instant versatility 

Instantly turn your shoes into ankle boots, knee-highs or even thigh-highs. All you need is the right pair of socks. 

Bang-on trend

This winning combo is so good, that designers are making shoes with socks permanently attached to them. But you're more creative than that, right? Don't be constrained by those styles - make your own looks all winter long by mixing and matching your favourite heels and socks. 

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