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SK-II Is Determined to End 'Expiry Dates' On Women

Jun 26, 2017

SK-II, the prestigious Japanese skincare brand, has just released a powerful new video that examines the unspoken timelines and pressures society places on women. Entitled “The Expiry Date”, the film imagines a world where the proverbial expiration date many women feel, is a real and very visible fact stamped on their arms; one that controls how they act, who they love and how they feel.

The film explores the age-related pressure and internal struggles women face, using information gained from their own scientific study on age-related pressure. According to the study, over 50 per cent Asian women think that society places an expiry date on women, implying that when a woman reaches a certain age and is single, she would be looked upon as an anomaly. In Hong Kong, one out of three women feel that they live according to the pre-decided timeline society places on them, while 50 per cent of Hong Kong single women under 30 mention that questions from friends, family, parents and colleagues contribute substantially to their age-related pressures. 

This film is the launch of their new #INeverExpire campaign, and the catalyst for women to openly share and discuss their thoughts on ageing, hopefully allowing them to free themselves from the stigma. 

According to Brand Director of SK-II, Sandeep Seth the film is meant to, “encourage women worldwide to join in the conversation and speak up for themselves, take charge of their own destiny and free themselves from the “expiry date” labels placed on them by the society, family and friends.” 

It ends with a simple, yet powerful message: “Don’t let others put an expiry date on you.” 

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