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Rita Ora's Music Video Reveals a New Side to the Singer

Jun 23, 2017

Our June cover star, Rita Ora, has finally dropped the music video for her new single Your Song, the leading track off her long-awaited sophomore album.

The catchy tune, penned by man of the moment Ed Sheeran, shows a transformed Ora, who told us earlier in the month that this album is her greatest achievement yet. “The new album is amazing because I put my whole heart and soul into it. It’s the most real album I’ve ever been a part of.” The pop-single is surprisingly slow and soulful for Ora, a far cry from her dancier tracks like Poison, and I Will Never Let You Down.

The video shows a fully realised woman, in charge of her life, her music and her love. When we spoke with Rita, the conversation drifted to the starlet’s very public love-life, and it was clear that she was through being a victim of the tabloids. “With this album, I improved as a songwriter and I was able to explore myself. It’s not just about, ‘Oh, who is Rita dating?’ anymore,” she explained over a pizza.

When her career kicked off, the singer was just 21. Now, five years later, after numerous accolades, collaborations, singles, heartbreaks and more, she’s matured and has taken control of her career. The new video opens with Ora in a boardroom, and one can’t help but wonder if it symbolises her new-found control. Whatever it means, it’s sexy, addictive, passionate and fully Rita Ora. Take a look and let us know what you think.

While you wait for her next single, Girls (with our ft. our girl Charli XCX!) to drop, check out our exclusive interview with Rita Ora right here.

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