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Rhoda hosts a world-class meat-feast with St. John and Hawksmoor

Oct 27, 2017

Three of the greatest carnivore-chefs in the world, and one of the wine industry’s greatest aficionados, are coming together for a five-day long meat-extravaganza next month at Rhoda.

Chef and founder Nathan Green is bringing the OG-meat whisperer Fergus Henderson, from London’s Michelin-starred St. John restaurant, and steak-king Richard Turner of Hawksmoor to Hong Kong for a collaborative, four-course meat-extravaganza menu, complimented by wines from the St. John's cellar, hand-selected by Trevor Gulliver. We got the chance to sample some the menu, and can tell you it does not disappoint. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with the London dining scene, Henderson and Turner are the two most influential men in meat. Henderson is an early champion of nose-to-tail dining, and paved the way for a myriad of chefs who came after him, including Green. He’s a professionally-trained architect, with a passion for perfectly-executed British cuisine and French wines. Turner revolutionised the steakhouse in Britain, teaching an entire nation about the beauty of grass-fed cattle and medium-rare beef. Gulliver, Henderson’s business partner is a leading wine authority in Britain, who rejected the sub-par wines that were being imported, and set out to manage the St. John's wine list by himself. He took this task so seriously, he ended up starting his own winery in the south of France, and now St. John produces some of their very own pours.

From left: Nathan Green, Fergus Henderson, Trevor Gulliver and  Richard Turner

Described as a ‘shared vision of ‘bloody good food and wine’, the four-course, seasonally-focused menu is a celebration of under-appreciated meats, and simple, honest food. Expect dishes like Devilled Kidneys, Crispy Pig’s Cheek & Chicory and Ox Tripe & Cheek Gratin, with a bone marrow and parsley crumb topping. The menu features favourites from each chef's restaurant, as well as interpretations of one chef's dish by another. 

The dinner also includes a special selection of wines selected by Gulliver and imported straight from the St. John cellar. Many are even St. John’s own wines –the Champagne is especially delicious, and just acidic enough to cut through the heaviness of the meats. If you’re not ready to commit to a full, offal-based meal, you can stop by the St. John Bar for a selection of dishes, including St. John’s famed Roast Bone Marrow and Parsley Salad, which Anthony Bourdain declared his preferred ‘death row meal’, and an Ox Heart Bun.

The four-course dinner with wine pairing is HK$1,650 per person, and tickets can be purchased in advance through Ticketflap.

The whole menu for the evening

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