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New Web Series Aims to Break Negative Stereotyping of Streetwear Culture

Feb 23, 2017

New YouTube series PAQ, is on a mission to better inform the public about the true nature of streetwear culture.

“Being interested in fashion, clothes and style is still seen by some as narcissistic or egotistical but that really isn’t the case,” says Riadi, one of the show's founders. “The streetwear scene is evolving and there’s a real sense of community and passion which you won’t find anywhere else.”  Riadi and his three friends, all aged between 19 and 21 years old, upload a new episode every seven to ten days

Interest in the streetwear scene has recently surged, leading many to condemn the popular style for its celebration of consumption and narcissism. To a degree, there is a grain of truth in every stereotype: on Instagram, it’s all about who can “stunt” the hardest, who can “out-flex” their peers or who has the most “heat”, but this is surface-level. At its core, streetwear represents the love of the style and aesthetic behind hip-hop fashion, Japanese street fashion and modern high fashion. It’s not about the price tag, social media e-points or the brands.

In a world of materialism and status, PAQ strives to celebrate streetwear’s essence, and more importantly change the mainstream perception. 

Watch full episodes of PAQ here.

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