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Miele Opens Experience Centre in Causeway Bay

Aug 04, 2017

The Miele Experience Centre in Causeway Bay

Looking to finally master the perfect pie crust? Confused about sous vide? Or maybe you’re looking for new kitchen appliances that will last for years? As always, Miele has you covered - but now it’s easier than ever before with the opening of their state-of-the-art Experience Centre, right in Causeway Bay.

To celebrate 20 years in Hong Kong, the brand— the world’s largest family owned and operated kitchen appliance manufacturer— has opened the 350-square meter, two-storey flagship to showcase the ‘Miele lifestyle’. Walk through the space and discover new and innovative products from laundry and floor care, to exceptional coffee makers, steam ovens and more.

A favourite of chefs around the world, these products are for everyone from the expert to the novice. If you fall into the latter category, have no fear: there are weekly cooking demonstrations, sous vide workshops and baking classes to turn even the most disastrous of cooks into a veritable Iron Chef.

If you’re already a Miele convert, try your hand at this recipe for creamy vanilla ice cream - it’s easier than it looks and ten times better than anything we’ve tried from a store.

Try Miele's recipe for steamed ice cream (raspberry not included)

What You’ll Need:

250ml milk
250ml cream
100g sugar
5 egg yolks
1 vanilla stick


1. Remove vanilla seeds from the pod
2. Combine al ingredients and pour into a food-safe vacuum sealing bag
3. Steam in Miele steam oven at 85*C for 1 hour
4. Place into freezer and leave overnight
5. Blend well, then refreeze and serve

Miele Experience Centre, G/F & 1/F, Lee Garden Six, 111 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay 2890 1018

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