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Meet Balenciaga Parody Brand: Boolenciaga

Jun 16, 2017

​Fashion is a stern world, and a serious one. Yet, there’s a surprising amount of appreciation for the humour that every so often breaks through, juxtaposing the status quo-no-smile catwalks we’ve grown accustomed to. No one has done it better than Vetememes, the beloved, oversized parody of Vetements.

 Now, Vetememes founder Davil Tran has come out with his newest creation: Boolenciaga. It doesn’t take a fashion degree to see who he’s targeting now. Fans of parody brands should be excited, as prices will be only a fraction of its designer-label counterpart.

Check out Vetememes and Boolenciaga’s website here, and Tran’s Instagram here.

​Images courtesy of Boolenciaga

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