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Justin Bieber Cancels Asian Tour

Jul 25, 2017

Sorry Asia, no Justin Beiber for you. The controversial singer has announced he is cancelling all remaining shows - including Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.

After performing 154 concerts on his international Purpose Tour, “unforeseen circumstances” have come in the way of him and his legions of fans. Despite what his official statement says, a source has confirmed that Bieber is actually, “just over it”, after touring for the past two years.

The ‘Sorry’ singer, who now has a lot to apologise for, plans to use his time off to relax and recuperate. The cancellation comes quickly after he was banned from China for bad behaviour. According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture, his “series of misbehaviours” has caused “public resentment.” Is the cancellation a coincidence, or something more? We’ll let you decide on that.

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