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A HK$2,000 headband is the new Instagram must-have

Oct 16, 2017

Gucci Sweatband - Elastic White

Working out in style is one thing, but crushing reps in a US$270 Gucci headband is something else.

For HK$2,108 you can expect a smart-tech, sweat resistant, piece of gear right? Nope. Sporting the iconic Gucci name, this sweatband is a straight up throwback to the 80s classic, made out of a simple polyester/cotton blend and absolutely zero technology.

It may not become the new must-have gym staple, but it’s Insta-perfection at its finest. The Gucci headband is now available at Gucci stores and online, in either light beige or dark brown. If you get it, tag us on Instagram so we can see you rock that vintage style #hashtaglegend 

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