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Only Four Days Left to Get One Of the Most Covetable Bags in the World

Oct 04, 2017

This is major. For the first time in years, you can get your hands on a brand new Gabriela Hearst handbag- but only until this Sunday, October 8. The best part is, it’s all in the name of charity. Hearst has pledged US$600,000 (just under HK$4,700,000) to support Save the Children’s famine relief efforts in Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and neighbouring countries. This famine, the result of a severe drought, is now threatening more than 20 million children and families throughout Africa, and the United Nations is calling it the worst humanitarian emergency since World War II.

Designer Gabriela Hearst and Save the Children President & CEO Carolyn Miles meet with a woman and her family in Turkana County, Kenya, in July 2017 (photo by Peter Caton for Save the Children)

Her donation will provide around US$55 per month to over 1,000 families in the Turkana region through their next harvest, allowing them to buy food, livestock and clean water and ensure they survive the drought. The designer planned this week's pop-up to raise awareness of this crisis, and sales of the bags do not affect her donation at all.

“Currently in this area, 1 in 8 children under the age of five suffers from severe acute malnutrition and is at risk of dying from drought-related hunger,” says Gabriela, a member of Save the Children’s Celebrity Cabinet. After a recent trip to Turkana, she saw the devastation first hand, and is now urging immediate and impactful action. “We can’t continue to think that starvation is a problem of past generations or our parent’s global problem, this is real and happening right now in front of us. It is time to act as humane global citizens and make this aid immediately available.”

Mira Duma carries her Bagriela Hearst Nina Handbag at Milan Fashion Week

With a waitlist of approximately 1,500 names, it’s nearly impossible to get a Gabriela Hearst bag, but for the next four days you can get yours with just the click of a button from Net-A-Porter and Bergdorf Goodman. Check out some of our favourite bags in the gallery above. 

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