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5 rescue dogs to follow on Instagram for Year of the Dog

Feb 16, 2018

The dog is the 11th sign in the Chinese zodiac (this picture originally appeared in the February issue of #legend)

It’s that time of the year again: everything is adorned in red and more than one billion people around the globe are getting ready to celebrate with their families and greet the Year of the Dog.

As one of the most observed Chinese holidays, Lunar New Year has kept ancient traditions alive for centuries. According to the legend, the order of the eleven signs in the zodiac was decided at the time of the Jade Emperor. Each sign is associated with specific traits that are believed to define the personality of those born in the corresponding years.

In Chinese tradition, the dog is a symbol of honesty and loyalty and is considered to be the truest friend and partner. It’s also pretty much universally understood that dogs are essentially a man’s - and lady's - best friends. So, if you’re thinking of getting one, 2018 might just be the right time, especially when there are so many dogs in need of a home and family. #adoptdontshop

To kick off the CNY festivities, we've selected five of the cutest rescued dogs on Instagram:

Kobe (@itsmekobeee)

(picture: @itsmekobeee on Instagram)

Kobe is a Boxerm Lab and American Bulldog. He was adopted from Sos Quebec Rescue in Canada as a puppy and has been living with his family for three years in Toronto.  

Gatsby (@the_life_of_gatsby)

(pcture: @the_life_of_gatsby on Instagram)

Gatsby is a Golden Pyrenees puppy rescued in Kansas City last summer when he was only a few weeks old.

Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart)

(picture: @tunameltsmyheart on Instagram)

With almost 2 million followers, Tuna is an Insta-celebrity. Since he was rescued, the tiny chiweenie has been a dog on a mission to save fellow abandoned dogs and to raise awareness.

Maverick Do(g)brev (@mrs.maverick)

(picture: @mrs.maverick on Instagram)

 Since she was rescued by actress Nina Dobrev last April in Los Angeles, Mrs Maverick has become a celebrity of her own and now has more than 320k followers on Instagram

Mushu (@smooshy_mooshy)

(picture: @smooshy_mooshy on Instagram)

Both Mushu, a mutt, and her brother Shorty were rescued. Mushu is an activist and uses her Instagram to help other dogs.  

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