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Facebook introduces virtual reality

Oct 13, 2017

Escaping every day reality with Oculus Go.

Virtual Reality (VR) has been a trending topic in the tech community for quite some time now, and whilst all the big tech giants – Google, Samsung, SONY – have been making huge strides, it’s never been truly accessible to the public. Until now.

Facebook has unveiled a stand-alone virtual reality headset that was designed for the masses. The headset, named Oculus Go, is fully wireless so you can now walk around your entire apartment as if it’s a haunted house, as opposed to just spinning around looking silly.

During Oculus’ annual conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed his commitment to the future of virtual reality, which he feels will change social interactions and life experiences as much as Facebook did. Zuckerberg described it as the “most accessible VR experience ever.”

Zuckerberg bought the startup, Oculus, for more than US$2 billion in 2014, but the product never took off. Now, in an attempt to bolster sales and interest, the price of the Oculus Go headsets have been slashed to just US$199, making them one of the least expensive on the market.

But the question remains, will people buy it? Are we ready for a virtual reality lifestyle? Only time will tell. The Oculus Go will ship in early 2018. 

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