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An Engagement Ring Like No Other

May 05, 2017

De Beers Darling Diamond Ring & Matching Band

Famed jewellers De Beers have tapped into history for their latest creation: the DB Darling engagement ring. Inspired by one of the greatest love stories in history, the ring symbolises the enduring love between Psyche, goddess of the soul, and Cupid, god of love. According to ancient legend, the two lovers overcame herculean obstacles to be together, eventually securing their eternal union. The dramatic V-shaped setting mirrors Cupid’s outstretched wings, while the ring’s perfect symmetry reflects Psyche’s clear, breathtaking beauty. When combined with the matching pave wedding band, the rings recall Antonio Canova’s 18th century marble masterpiece, Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss – echoing the gleaming of the two intertwined figures. All of De Beers pieces come with a certificate guaranteeing the use of peerless, conflict-free diamonds that were responsibly sourced for complete peace of mind.  

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