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Give the gift of Buccellati this Christmas

Dec 04, 2017

Buccellati jewellery is expertly crafted over the course of months

Trends come and go, but true style stays en vogue forever. That’s why we love Buccellati, one of the most renowned high jewellery houses in the world. Inspired by the Renaissance, they bring a touch of classic Venetian art to their intricately crafted pieces. Think fabrics like silk and lace, but instead of delicate materials they’re made from gold and silver.

The designers are trained in ancient techniques of metal carving and use burins, traditional tools, that date back to the Italian Renaissance. Only the most highly trained artisans can achieve the precise engraving necessary to create a Buccellati piece, with their distinctive silky, even linen-like surfaces. 

Each piece is crafted by hand in a process that can take months. 

The Macri Collection Cuff Bracelets, including the striking black gold, created using the Diamond Like Carbon treatment on white gold. Their unique texture is achieved through the rigato technique.

The craftsmen use a serious of techniques to achieve the signature Buccellati look. There is rigato, a series of meticulously spaced parallel lines cut onto the surface of the metal to create a rich sheen; telato, fine crosshatched lines that create the look of linen on the metal; segrinato, a soft and intricate method of engraving tiny, overlapping lines in every possible direction; and modellato which requires the artists to carve miniature sculptures into the metals for ornate border decorations. This is just a fraction of their patterns, their famed honeycomb pattern takes a month to complete, as artisans carefully bore and shape each individual cell.

Macri Pendant earrings in yellow gold, you can see the beautiful, luminous surface - a result of tireless craftsmanship On top of their intricate patterns, the designers place rare, richly coloured stones and the effect is classic Buccellati: regal, storied and timeless. They’re worn by the royal families of Italy, Spain and Egypt, as well as the great cardinals of Rome, and maybe this holiday season one of their stunning creations will be worn by you. Start dropping hints now, because there’s no better gift than a Buccellati. 

Visit their online store here, or if you’re in China you can stop by their newly opened Shanghai boutique!

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