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A Simple, Beautiful Basket Weave Tutorial with Sponge

Aug 02, 2017

It pains us to say this, but it's time to give the messy-bun a break. Not forever - that would be ridiculous - but just for a little while. We, as a society, have pushed the limits of that shabby-chic fail-safe to the extreme, and now we owe it to ourselves, and our locks, to upgrade to something new. The on-demand beauty experts at Sponge stopped by the #legend office to show us how to make this simple, yet dramatic Basket Weave Braid. Don't worry, it's easier than it looks, and if you really can't master it - just book an appointment! Their makeup artists and hairstylists will come straight to you, like a mobile beauty salon. Check out all of their looks here, and come back for more beauty videos! 

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