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GOD's Douglas Young talks about Highland Park and local soul

Dec 15, 2017

There are 120 distilleries in Scotland, but only five are distilling in the traditional way. And of those five, only one has a true, Viking spirit: Highland Park.

In this video, Hong Kong designer and entrepreneur Douglas Young of GOD explains the similarities between Hong Kong and Highland Park whiskies, though the local soul. An unlikely pairing, GOD and Highland Park both straddle two times: the future and the past - preserving, and enhancing, heritage and tradition so the next generation can enjoy it. Highland Park is honouring their ancestry with their newest collection, Fire. Inspired by the Norse legends of old, Fire - the follow up to Ice - celebrates Muspelheim, the glowing fire realm of destruction, and if you’re going to share a bottle with Young, be prepared to have it straight up.

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